5 Of The Most Successful Women In Tech In Australia

Australia has seen the rise of several successful women in the tech industry who have made significant contributions and achieved remarkable success. Here are five of the most successful women in tech in Australia:

  1. Melanie Perkins:
    • Co-founder and CEO of Canva: Melanie Perkins co-founded Canva, a graphic design platform, in 2013. Under her leadership, Canva has grown into a billion-dollar company, offering an easy-to-use design tool with millions of users worldwide. Perkins is a prominent figure in Australia’s tech scene and a leading example of women entrepreneurs in the country.
  2. Holly Tattersall:
    • Founder and CEO of Women in Digital: Holly Tattersall is the founder and CEO of Women in Digital, a platform that supports women in tech and digital marketing roles. She has been instrumental in empowering and connecting women in the digital and tech sectors across Australia.
  3. Susan Wu:
    • Founder of OHM Capital: Susan Wu is a respected figure in the Australian tech community. She has a rich background in technology startups, having been involved in ventures like Geoloqi (acquired by Esri) and MobileX Labs (acquired by Dropbox). Wu is also an angel investor and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.
  4. Leila Alem:
    • Co-founder of Planet Labs: Leila Alem is an accomplished scientist and co-founder of Planet Labs, a satellite imaging company with a focus on global change and sustainability. Her work has had a significant impact on the use of satellite technology for environmental and humanitarian purposes.
  5. Adir Shiffman:
    • Chairman of Catapult Sports: While Adir Shiffman is not a woman, he is a notable advocate for gender diversity in tech in Australia. As the Chairman of Catapult Sports, a sports analytics company, he has played an active role in promoting gender diversity and supporting women in tech leadership positions.

These women and advocates are shaping the tech landscape in Australia, whether through entrepreneurship, mentorship, or leadership roles in prominent tech companies. They serve as inspirational figures for aspiring women in tech and contribute to the ongoing growth and diversity of the industry.

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